Disable console bell in FreeBSD

I use Bash and frequently utilize tab completion. On my FreeBSD box, when there are multiple options during tab completion, the annoying console bell always obnoxiously makes itself heard. For C programmers, it is the ‘\a’ that you included in your printf() calls when first learning C to drive others crazy.

To disable it, as root user you can run:

root@bsdbox# sysctl hw.syscons.bell=0
hw.syscons.bel;: 1-> 0

Add the “hw.syscons.bell=0” command to /etc/sysctl.conf to permanently disable it.  Good riddance!


2 thoughts on “Disable console bell in FreeBSD

  1. Hey man – Just came across your blog, why did you stop doing the QuickFix posts, they are awesome man! Did you ever finish the tutorial, I would love to see the finished posts?!?!


    • I quit mostly because I’ve gotten out of the financial services industry. Also, because I at the time I was working in high-frequency trading and in the front-office, we were moving away from TCP/IP-based FIX solutions to faster communication solutions. The infrastructure guys were still using FIX for external connections, but in the front-office FIX was no longer necessary.

      That said, the only reason that anyone visits this blog is for the QuickFix posts…perhaps I ought to pick up where I left off just for the sake of finishing the project??? I will consider revisiting the series.

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