CCS Tutorial: Setting up the Environment

This post shows how to configure a project environment for building software for the C6713 DSK in TI Code Composer Studio (CCS) 6. The steps are similar regardless of the version of CCS being used, but the screen captures show the Eclipse-based IDE that was adopted by TI in recent releases of CCS. When creating any project for the C6713DSK, this procedure should be completed in the begging to ensure that all necessary libraries are included.

To begin, first create a new project for the C6713 DSK. After the project has been created, right-click on the new project in the Project Explorer area in the left menu pane, and select properties from the drop down menu. The Project Explorer pane is show below:


The C header-file include paths, C linkable libraries, and the DSP chipset must be specified so that the build tools can find all of the necessary files. After the project properties menu opens, under the Build section, navigate to C6000 compiler, and then to Include Options. Set the path to the directory where the C6000 Chip Set Library (CSL) was installed. I installed the CSL to C:\TI\C6xCSL on my workstation.



The Chip Support Library is available for free from Texas Instruments and provides many helpful macros for defining registers as well as various masks and macro routines for manipulating the contents of the registers. The Board Support Library (BSL) include files from the board vendor–Spectrum Digital in the case of the C6713 DSK–must also be specified. Add another directory path for the BSL include files:


After adding all of the include files, under the C6000 compiler section, navigate to the advanced options sub menu, and then to predefined symbols. The compiler needs to know which chipset the project will use as its target, so create a new symbol and enter CHIP_6713, as shown below:


Now, under the Build section, in the C6000 linker sub section, the BSL linkable file and path to the BSL must be specified. In the File Search Path pane, first add a new directory path to the search path. For my installation of the BSL, the path is C:\TI\DSK6713\c6000\dsk6713\lib.



Finally, the linkable library for the BSL needs to be explicitly called out so the C6000 linker knows where the BSL code is located. The BSL file is dsk6713bsl.lib, and it is installed at C:\TI\DSK6713\c6000\dsk6713\lib.



The project is now setup so that the CSL and BSL can be used to make working with the C6713 more easy and more pleasant. Any other third-party libraries to be included should be setup in this manner.


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