Verizon FIOS and IPv6

Recently, according to ArsTechnica, North America exhausted its supply of IPv4. I can still remember first hearing about this back in college years ago, and I am surprised it has taken this long. So what about IPv6?  Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Windows all support IPv6. Android and iPhone do as well.

I started to wonder, what is the state of IPv6 and my ISP, Verizon FIOS? Surely FIOS would support IPv6, after all it is a modern fibre network and not a legacy PSTN or DSL network, right?

Failure. According to Test-IPv6, my score is zero out of ten points. Further Google searching yielding lots of discussion about the slow roll-out IPv6 on FIOS.

I hesitate to criticize the company though. I cannot imagine the task at hand of rolling out IPv6 across all of Verizon’s networks and equipment. Verizon has put together a customer webpage to try to explain the technology. Good on them for at least recognizing that customers would be interested in learning more. Notably absent, though, are dates and milestones for the roll-out.

Note that it looks like Verizon’s LTE network is IPv6.

Someday I suppose, someday.


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