Trying Vada Pav

An Indian fast food franchise shop recently opened up in the area. I was out running errands today and realized it was 14:00 already, and I was “starving”, so I decided to give the shop a try. The theme of the shop was Indian takes on “Western” style foods like burgers, sandwiches and pizza, such as masala veggie burgers or Tandoori paneer pizza. There were several other dishes on the menu that were totally foreign to me: vada pav, veggie masala pav, and some other chick-pea curry type dishes with various garnishments such as eggs or nann.

Without knowing anything about the vada pav other than a picture on the menu, I decided to begin my adventure with the Mumbai-style vada pav. The shop offered it with mild, medium, or hot levels of spiciness.  I went with medium. It was quite delicious for just US $2.00, I would much rather have it than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or a Taco Bell taco!

According to Wikipedia, the vada pav is a deep-fried potato patty with various spices. The outside of the patty was crispy, while the inside was a dry-moist grit, yellow in color from cumin perhaps, as well as with various other spices. Until I checked Wikipedia, I honestly thought it was made of corn meal. The patty itself was enclosed on both sides by a regular hamburger bun which was nothing to write home about. However, on both sides of the hamburger buns a layer of green paste, and then a layer or red paste was spread onto the buns. It as smokin’ hot!

There is a significant Indian community where I live due to the area being a technology corridor, and I am hoping that as the community grows and thrives more such restaurants and shops will open up! Having never been to India (would like to visit some day though!) it would be nice to be able to try and experience various foods from the Indian subcontinent.

All in all the vada pav was a very good and makes a great, quick snack all on its own. I would like to try some more things from the menu, particularly dahi puri or pani puri.


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