Synology NAS shutdown problems

As I mentioned in my past post about Synology and UPS, I had read that some UPS devices will report powering down when going through a self-test periodically. Did I experience that issue yesterday? I woke up to find that my NAS had been powered down. Everything else was powered on, including the FIOS modem which is also connected to the UPS.  I restarted the NAS and checked the event log to look for clues.


There are no notifications about the UPS on the 20th, except for a message that the NAS connected with the UPS after it was restarted. That is normal. Nothing else in the house indicates that the power may have gone down either. I do not believe the issue is with the UPS. I then decided to check the update settings for the auto updates.


A clue! The device updates on Sundays (and Wednesdays) at 05:05 in the morning. This matches what I am seeing in the notifications log too, with the update starting at 05:06 after downloading an update. This seems to be clearly a Synology issue and not an UPS issue.

It looks like the Synology DSM operating system updated itself, and I can only assume that after updating, it tried to reboot but hung-up during the shutdown process.  It did this to me before when I manually updated the system, but I just considered it a fluke event. After searching around the support forums, I found this is an issue plaguing the DS216+ product line. It would appear that updating the BIOS on the device to version M.616 is working for some users though.

To make sure the issue is with shutdown on the NAS, I decided to manually shutdown the NAS using the web GUI interface. Sure enough, the NAS hung-up during the shutdown process! I had to physically remove power from the NAS and re-apply power to get it back up. I recall that I had to do this too during my initial auto-shutdown test with the UPS last week. Three times now…starting to smell like a bug to me.

As per guidance on the support forum, a trouble ticket has been submitted with Synology. Hopefully in a few days I will get a response. Synology support is very trying in that it takes days to get an initial response to a ticket.

I have mixed feelings about my Synology NAS at this point. It is very easy to use, there are iPhone/Android apps for accessing the NAS for my spouse, and in general I don’t have to mess with the NAS. On the negative side though, Synology support is very vexing with their response times.  At this point I think I am still happy with the device, and hoping that a BIOS update will make this problem go away. For now I have disabled auto-updates and will just manually update as needed.

It is very disappointing to read about this issue affecting so many people and Synology not being proactive and trying to get a fix out to the user base via the support website. There does not appear to be a way to download the BIOS update from the support website. I can only assume that they have still not identified the root cause of this issue, which is why they don’t make the BIOS update available to their user base.


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