More Synology troubleshooting

So I enabled ssh access to my NAS and decided to poke around a bit. Yesterday I opened a ticket with Synology, and they got back with me in a little over 24 hours, which I don’t consider too bad considering there is no service contract. The Synology support agent mentioned that there has been a shutdown/reboot an issue with the DS216+and the Intel BIOS. The agent did not provide me any commands to run but requesting remote access instead. That got me wondering how I might find out whta the bios version is myself.

On the Synology web forum I found the commands for viewing the device’s BIOS version information. After connecting with an admin group account via SSH, then running “sudo -i”, the below commands give me all of the info I was curious about.


My NAS has BIOS version M.613, and based on my previous research, BIOS version M.615 seems to have the fix that corrects the shutdown/reboot issue.

Hopefully they send me the BIOS update in the next message on the trouble ticket. I’d like to get beyond this problem and check it off of the to-do list!


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