More Synology Woes

My issues with power management on the Synology DS216+ appear to continue. After my last trouble-ticket was opened with Synolgoy, they remotely installed a BIOS patch. I am not positive about this, because from what I can tell the BIOS version and date have not changed. Regardless, this patch did fix the issue with the device hanging on shutdown and reboot. The NAS now completely shuts down, and it does come back up on-line after reboot rather than hanging.

To my surprise this morning the NAS device appeared to be stuck in a sleep state. All LEDs were off, except for the Status light which was slowing blinking green, the low-power, sleep mode indicator.  I was not able to access the device via the Web GUI or the Synology Assist application. That usually means trouble. I even tried ssh and ping to access the device, but it appeared to be stuck in a sleep state. I tried to press the power button to wake it up, but there was no change. Eventually, I had to hold the power button down for a few seconds to initiate a hard reboot. This is an improvement though! I didn’t have to physically remove power on the back of the device.

After reboot, I was still not able to access the Web GUI. Synology Assist did find the device on a new IP address, however. It appears my FIOS modem/router decided to move it off of the previous IP address that the NAS had been using for months. Thanks, Verizon. This just underscores my need to work on the home network when I get some time off from grad school and work later this month.

The IP address change explains why SSH, ping and the Web GUI were unresponsive, but it does not explain why Synology Assist could not find my NAS. Unfortunately there were no clues in the notification log and . I disabled automatic updates to the system, so I just had notifications letting me know there were some DSM software updates available.

I installed the lasted OS patches and package updates. For now I suppose I just need to monitor and watch the behavior of the device. I hope hanging on sleep will not become my next issue to contend with!

And I will not be happy if the answer is to install the M.615 patch…I am still on M.613 after requesting M.615…


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