Revisiting Windows IoT

I was cleaning up my workspace this morning and my Raspberry Pi 3 device caught my eye. I haven’t messed with Windows IoT since the summer when I gave up due to the immaturity of the platform. I decided to check to check up on the state of things–after all, I still have a project in mind. It looks like Microsoft finally made an official release for Windows IoT: Windows 10 Build 10.0.14393.693. I downloaded the image and thought I would give this platform another shot.

Once again I could not get the Raspberry Pi 3 to boot. I had issues with the Raspberry Pi 2 as well. So next I reformatted the SD card, and tried again. No luck with the Raspberry Pi 3. However, the Raspberry Pi 2 was able to come up, and I could ssh into the device as well as control it through IoT Dashboard. I tried again and again with the Raspberry Pi 3 for quite awhile, and just when I was ready to give up, I noticed the LEDs. After applying power, there is some flashing green (ACTIVE) LEDs. After a few seconds though, there was no more green (ACTIVE) LEDs flashing, but the red power LED flashed once every couple of seconds. The Raspberry Pi documentation is not very easy to navigate for technical details, but after some searching it appears that the this happens when the power supply dips too far below 5.0 V.

I tried a few different wall-wart adapters from various phones or adapters, but no luck. Instead of using a wall-wart power supply, I decided to use the USB 3.0 port on the front of my PC as the power supply. And sure enough, within a few seconds, I was able to see the Raspberry Pi 3 in the IoT dashboard. It’s alive~~~~!

With the device working, now it was time to tackle Visual Studio. I probably should not have done so, but I am in the midst of upgrading to Visual Studio 2017. The upgrade is not going well either. I installed, rebooted the system as was requested at the end of the install, then tried to start Visual Studio 2017, but I have had a screen for hours now saying “We’re getting things ready…thanks for your patience.” I am going to have to kill the process and try again. Nothing ever upgrades smoothly in Windows land.

To be determined….as usual. I have read good things about C++ enhancements in Visual Studio 2017. I hope things are better in the Windows IoT world too.


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